monalisa touch

The MonaLisa Touch is an innovative SmartXide laser that was created by the Italian company, DEKA, in order to help patients who suffer from the genitourinary symptoms of menopause (GSM). The MonaLisa Touch is a laser beam that creates a small thermal (heat) injury, triggering cell repairs. The treatment improves vascularization and connective tissue health within the vaginal canal and the labia, which improves vaginal tone, lubrication, and sensitivity. In addition, many women report that they have an improvement in urinary incontinence. This technology has been in use in Europe for many more years than it has here in the US.

MonaLisa Treatments
Treatments are scheduled about 30-40 days apart and the recommendation is 3 treatments, followed by annual re-treatments. The treatments are generally not painful, but can cause irritation for 24-36 hours and it is recommended that women wait 3-4 days before resuming intercourse.

The devices are FDA-approved for gynecology, and research from Europe has shown that the treatment decreases vaginal dryness and burning, and also decreases pain with sex and minor urinary incontinence.

Insurance is not covering this treatment at this time, but a variety of financing options are available for those not able to pay our $650/treatment cost.