sexual problems affecting women

You don’t have to keep quiet about it!

Statistics suggest that approximately 21% of women ages 18-29 experience painful vaginal intercourse, with these symptoms occurring throughout the lifespan. Painful sex can also be associated with difficulty using tampons or having a gynecological exam. Some women have experienced it their whole lives, while others began having pain after a surgery, infection, traumatic experience, or an unknown cause. Many women experience painful intercourse after birth (whether vaginal or cesarean).

Many couples seek fertility treatment because they are unable to have vaginal intercourse. Others may already be pregnant and realizing that their history of painful intercourse may affect their birth experience. The pelvic floor dysfunction associated with vaginismus increases the risk of musculoskeletal injury during birth, so we strongly recommend pelvic physical therapy for women with these symptoms who are hoping to become pregnant or who already are.

Our team of women’s health Nurse Practitioners and Pelvic Physical Therapist can help identify the cause of your pain, and help alleviate it. As a women’s health team of multi-disciplinary, “wholistic” care providers, we can address all possible aspects of sexual issues, some within our office, like the gynecological and musculoskeletal components, and via referral to an experienced sex therapist, for the psychological components.

sexual issues affecting men

A pelvic physical therapist may be able to help with issues of painful ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and some cases of erectile dysfunction. Men can experience issues with pelvic function including urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, chronic constipation, erectile dysfunction (ED), and pain. Melissa receives referrals from local urology practices because she provides therapy for post-proctatectomy rehabilitation, to help you regain your independence after surgery. Pelvic physical therapy can help you regain your sexual functioning, reduce and eliminate incontinence, reduce pain, and help you return to the quality of life you desire.